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Our Birthday Cakes

From birthdays to other joyous occasions, make an unforgettable impression with a customized cake for your party.

Strawberry Lycée Seduction



A Beautiful creation of most fruity, flowery flavors, Within the exquisite vanilla, rose cake are layers of distinct lychee cream whipped to perfection, finished off with sweet lycée and strawberry bits

$139.1 | 2kg 

Chocolate Indulgence



A delicate dark chocolate creation with a minty edge. This chocolate and mint cake is made with dark chocolate ganache and generously covered with a minty sweet peppermint candy frosting, After Eight.

$139.1 | 2kg 




Have your taste of tea with a twist with the exceptional Black Tea cake. A base of red velvet cake is well-infused with rich white chocolate mousse and a tasty touch of cherry jelly sure to entice your taste buds.

$62.06 | 1kg 

Tiramisu Delight



The classic favourite dessert is La Bonnie’s unparalleled tiramisu creation. The crispy milk chocolate base is expertly crafted with a dark chocolate ganache, rich coffee cremeux, alcohol-soaked biscuits, Mascarpone mousse, and a dash of Kahlua liquor on lady finger sponge cake.

$64.2 | 1kg

Choco Caramel Crunch



Sink your teeth into this decadent chocolate fudge cake battered with a dark chocolate ganache filled with sea salt caramel fudge and crunchy pearls

$98 | 2kg 

Strawberry Short Cake



Just so berry sweet but not entirely overpowering, this strawberry shortcake creation has us head over heels in love with its fluffy white sponge, vanilla pastry cream and only the freshest strawberries.

$55 | 1kg 

Red Scarlet



A fine favourite of many due to its delightful velvety taste. Our red velvet cake is specially created with a scarlet red chocolate cake and soft fluffy cheese frosting made entirely from scratch for the added personal touch.

$50 | 1kg

Rainbow Majestic



Bring a little joy and colour into your dessert with the exceptional rainbow cake. Perfect for any celebration or simply as a delightful pick-me-up, the rainbow cake is made of layers of soft vanilla sponge with cream cheese.

$55 | 1kg

Strawberry Cheese Cake



A Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake is not only delicious but it is a total show stopper!

$55 | 1kg

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